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1. May you live under a lucky constellation To keep you safe from all the trials and tribulations That accrue / while we’re all spinning round the sun Till your time is done / get it while you can 2. May you wrestle with your karmic obligations And not get caught up in regrets and complications That ensue / while you are dancing on a pin And it’s not a sin / to get it while you can through thick and thin / get it while you can lose or win / get it while you can
1. When I saw you walk into the room I was struck by the lightning in your eyes Were you a vision from above or below were you an angel or a demon in disguise You made me quake, you made me quiver I was in danger but I could not run You cast your line, you reeled me in you made my heart go biddy biddy bom CHORUS: Biddy bom bom, biddy bom bom biddy bom biddy biddy biddy biddy bom, yeah Biddy bom bom, biddy bom bom biddy bom you made my heart go biddy biddy bom 2. You didn’t speak, you didn’t need to you took my hand and started to dance Slowly at first, then spinning faster whirling like a dervish in a trance You are the light, you are the darkness you are a taste of the World to Come You make me free, you make me suffer you really got that biddy biddy bom CHORUS
Shtetl Ska 03:23
Psalm 04:56
1. I walk the streets in sackcloth and ashes Won’t be long before this all crashes The answer comes in fits and in flashes I’m heading straight for a fall 2. Deliver me from all my transgressions I’m not the kind to dwell in confessions Just trying to make an impression Are you listening at all? CHORUS: And where were you when I needed you? And where were you when I called to you? And why should I believe in you? 3. I offered up my supplication Thought you were my light and salvation Guess my prayers got lost in translation can’t you give me a sign? 4. You picked me up and you cast me aside I’m seeking shelter but there’s no place to hide I’m sinking fast in the rising tide Won’t you drop me a line?
This Is It 04:55
1. Just when you think you got it / you got it figured out The pieces fall into place / you think you know what’s it’s all about That’s when the page turns / that’s when the dice roll That’s when you gotta stop and look into your deepest soul 2. Sometimes when you least expect it when you think that you’re finally home free It don’t matter if you try to reject it You can cover your eyes but you still can see CHORUS: This is it / this is now / take this breath / and let it go This is me / this is you / so little time / so much to know 3. Just when you know you’re at the top of your game You got your look, you got the edge, people recognize your name That’s when the sands shift / that’s when the music fades That’s when the word is out that the piper must be paid 4. You think you know yourself / you think you know your mind You think you’ve moved forward, left the past behind You think it’s clear and free / no payments left to make Nothing to give and nothing to take
Keralnik 03:15
1. You wanna know just how much I love you I love you more than the heavens above you When you’re with me there is nothin I can’t do C’mon baby let’s dance 2. You wanna know just how much you thrill me Any more excitement and I think it would kill me You are the one and you know you always will be C’mon mama let’s dance CHORUS: Tantz tantz meydele, dance and dance the whole day long Tantz tantz meydele, move it to the klezmer song Tantz tantz meydele, dance and dance the whole night through Tantz tantz meydele, it’s gonna put a spell on you 3. C’mon people, it’s time to get some lovin, If you can’t stand the heat, better get out of the oven There’s gonna be some laughin and there might be some huggin So get out on the floor and dance 4. The world is a mess, people fightin, people killin We’re all wound too tight when we oughta be chillin So find somebody able, find somebody willin To get out on the floor and dance
1. Four in the morning and you’re lying awake Endlessly cycling through your tasks undone Too many questions, which direction to take But things look better with the rising sun 2. Your thoughts are still racing as you head for the park You hope for instructions from the geese in the sky World of formation, light from the dark You know how to walk, but you’re hoping to fly CHORUS: Give thanks and praise for these days and these nights Count the ways you got it wrong, but you’ll get it right In the end you’ll get it right In the end we’ll get it right 3. Cup of coffee, and you turn on the news Strife and mayhem on your little screen It’s so hard not to give in to the blues Sometimes you need a major change of scene
1. When the rebbe Elimelekh was feeling rather freylekh He was feeling rather freylekh, Elimelekh He took off his t’fillin and started in to chillin’ And he called for his fiddlers to play 2. When the rebbe Elimelekh was feeling very freylekh He was feeling very freylekh, Elimelekh He took a sip of bronfn and he said "That stuff is somethin'" And he called for his clarinets to play 3. When the rebbe Elimelekh / was feeling funkidelek He was feeling funkidelek, Elimelekh he was jumpin’ and-a jivin’, he was shakin’ and high-fivin’ And he called for his drummers to play Yeah, they were dancin’ and singin’ and movin’ to the groovin’ And just when it hit me somebody turned around and shouted Play that funky klezmer, white boy Play that funky klezmer right Play that funky klezmer, white boy Lay down that boogie and play that funky klezmer till you die
1. The world is a tough place, a rat race It’s in your face from the minute you open your eyes Can’t deny all these lies and wasted opportunities As soon as we open our minds and realize our responsibility To resist the insanity, vanity of vanities, gotta regain our humanity 2. It’s a death trap, a suicide rap, that’s what the Boss said, If you’re not dead yet you better keep on moving Before you’re six feet down in the ground Don’t you know it’s hard to get by without crying And feeling despair at the unfairness, but awareness is the first step You gotta get to, you gotta get through CHORUS: Tzedek, tzedek / tirdof / justice, justice / pursue it 3. Don’t let them tell you that you’re just a drop in the bucket, That you’re stuck in the muck of insignificance Of indifference to your sisters and brothers The other is you, the other is me, you gotta free yourself from Misinformation, open up to new interpretations For future generations to communicate


released August 8, 2015


all rights reserved



Hal Aqua and the Lost Tribe Denver, Colorado

Hal Aqua and The Lost Tribe play klezmer fusion music -- an exuberant musical experience, rooted firmly in traditional Jewish modes and melodies and driven by contemporary rhythms and danceable grooves.

Hal Aqua / vocals, guitars, octave mandolin, ukulele
Annie Aqua / violin, vocals
Ben Cohen / electric bass, tuba, trumpet, accordion, vocals
Shanti Hazan / percussion
Miriam Rosenblum / clarinet
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