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Lost and Found

by Hal Aqua and the Lost Tribe

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Graceful Doe 04:37
1. We shall live in the shade of the graceful doe and living there shall be sustained. We shall walk through darkness by her light with never-ending joy. When she laughs, we will burst into song; When she frowns, we shall clothe ourselves in fear; And when she looks with radiant eyes / we shall be redeemed. Oh, graceful doe 2. As I gazed upon her radiant beauty all my senses clinging to her She suddenly rose from the earth flew above the clouds and disappeared. And I was left behind in the dark like a man whose eyes glow when lightning flashes in the night and then the glow is gone. 3. The softest strands of your hair can pull a mountain out by its roots. What then can a poor man do when they fall upon him in waves? I pray you, graceful deer have pity on my life, from dawn to dusk I await your favor don’t make me die so young.
Eli Eliyahu 04:50
Chorus: Eli Eliyahu / hanavi havena Eli Eliyahu / por nuestras cazas venga 1. Prophet in disguise / hard to recognize Have you come and gone / or been here all along? When will you bring a sign / how will we know it’s time Our voices rise in song / where you been so long? 2. Messenger from on high / people asking why We got bitter water to drink / we’re standing on the brink Elijah, here’s your cup / our tears have filled it up The door is open wide / we beg you, come inside Elijah the prophet gonna rock it, bring a warning ‘bout a new day dawning in a blood-red sky If you gotta ask why, you ain’t been payin’ attention it takes intention to recognize redemption Elijah the prophet gonna drop it, bring a sign ’cause it’s time to open our bloodshot eyes, take us by surprise, hit us on the head, ’cause we been Dead to what’s real / asleep at the karmic wheel Elijah the prophet gonna kick it, gonna Rip out the seams of the schemes of the greedy and the Power abusers, the losers who think they have won, 'but they’re done, they had their fun, they better run Eliyahu Hanavi Comin’ soon Stay tuned
1. Ana b’kho’ach / g’dulat y’min’cha / Tatir tz’rurah / tatir tz’rurah. Please, oh please / untie these bundled knots that bind me to my fate / that keep me in this box 2. Kabel rinat / am’cha, am’cha / Sag’veynu tahareynu / norah, norah. Please, oh please / untie these bundled knots let me see your face / show me what you’ve got
L’chayim Yidelekh! L’chayim briderlekh! Zingt zhe, trinkt zhe, ale in a guter sho To, lomir hul’yenen, arayn zikh kul’yenen In dem Gan Eyden, bolshe nitshevo! L’chayim Yidelekh! L’chayim shvesterlekh! Zingt zhe, trinkt zhe, ale in a guter sho To, lomir hul’yenen, arayn zikh kul’yenen In dem Gen Eyden, bolshe nitshevo! Come on, my lovely friends The party never ends Singing, drinking, dancing till we cannot stand We’ll go on stumbling Until we’re tumbling Into the Garden, where it all began.
The Tongue 02:57
My Boots 03:58
1. Farkoyfn di sapozhkelech in furn of di drozhkelech Abi mit dir in eynem tsi zan. Oy, ich un dir in di un mir / vi a klomke un a tir Ketzele, feygele mayn. 2. Oy, furn af di vagzolechlach un farkoyfn fremde sholechlach Abi mit dir in eynem tsi zan. Oy, ich un dir in di un mir / vi a klomke un a tir Ketzele, feygele mayn. 3. I’d sell my boots for twenty bucks And sleep under the viaduct just to be with you a single day Me without you and you without me Is like a lock without a key My wildcat, my little bird of prey.


released December 1, 2011


all rights reserved



Hal Aqua and the Lost Tribe Denver, Colorado

Hal Aqua and The Lost Tribe play klezmer fusion music -- an exuberant musical experience, rooted firmly in traditional Jewish modes and melodies and driven by contemporary rhythms and danceable grooves.

Hal Aqua / vocals, guitars, octave mandolin, ukulele
Annie Aqua / violin, vocals
Ben Cohen / electric bass, tuba, trumpet, accordion, vocals
Shanti Hazan / percussion
Miriam Rosenblum / clarinet
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